Friday, July 30, 2010

They made me delirious

Moving toddlers off the bottle is not fun. And the worst part is there isn't any right or wrong way. Everyone just tells you to do it whichever way works best for you. Well if I knew what that was BEFOREHAND it wouldn't be such a hard process!

I am not a patient person. I'm a rip-the-bandaid-off kind of person. Get it done is my personal mantra. So after about, oh, 24 hours of weaning, we went cold turkey. Out with the bottle, in with the sippie. They don't seem to mind. Thankfully they appear to share my personal mantra. This is good. Proves they really are mine.

The downside to cold turkey is that you are left without a routine. And friends, I need a routine. So do the boys. Again, proving the clinic got it right.

So how to replace Quad-B: Bath, Bottle, Book, Bed. This is the million dollar question I wish I could answer.

That the boys wish I could answer.


We're experimenting. And last night was an utter failure. We did dinner a little later - 5:30pm. So by the time Quad-B time rolled around at 6pm, they were full and wouldn't take a sippie of milk and formula.

I knew this was bad; that I would pay for it.

And boy did I.

They woke at 12am apparently starving to death and in the fog of sleep, I filled their sippies with skim milk. I didn't realize this until much later. And it explained a lot, like why they were back up an hour later when I gave them more skim milk. Wash and repeat throughout the night.

Needless to say, I am exhausted.

They aren't.


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