Wednesday, August 11, 2010

And then they turned 1...

The boys have turned one. I'm still reeling from that little nugget of information. Where the heck did the year go? Every day seemed so long. Like it would never end. And then I turn around and 365 days have passed. I can only shake my head and marvel at Father Time. He's a sneaky old man.

I can still remember those first few weeks. See and feel them when I close my eyes (if I don't fall asleep). I didn't have a care in the world other than the boys. Every minute of every day was consumed by them. The world seemed to stop and we were in a Twilight Zone of happiness...and shear exhaustion. It was glorious!

I miss those early days. Desperately at times.

All that mattered was whether they were sleeping, were fed, changed or swaddled. It was a simple time.

It's a miracle I can remember anything. A lot I can't, actually. Between the sleep deprivation and pain meds, some of it no longer exists in my mind. God is smart that way. It's how He tricks us into doing it more than once.

Well, not me. You maybe, but not me. We're done.

But I digress...

Now we're on to major changes.

Teething...Lord, help me. My firstborn hasn't met a teething symptom he doesn't love. They had him at hello in his 4th month and 8 months later, we're still getting acquainted. I'm ready for the love story to end. His brother, on the other hand, could have a mouth full and you wouldn't know it.

Walking...real people more bottles...whole milk...etc etc etc.

I'd like the train to slow down some. I'm feeling a little motion sickness. We're going too fast.

But we're here and so we celebrate. With a party, of course. That's a story for another post. Just think Tom Sawyer & Huck Finn. More on that coming soon!

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