Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tom & Huck - Part IIII {Favors & Activities}

Last one. I swear.

The whole concept for the party was derived from one source - Mark Twain's brilliant books. So what else do you give as favors? Each family took home a hardback copy of the Adventures of Tom Sawyer and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

Reading is a big deal to me and the hubs. We're book worms. We've spawned book worms. Eating the cover off The Hungry Caterpillar constitutes a book worm, right? I'm sure it does.

I really wanted our little guests to be interested in the stories of Tom and Huck. My wish was that they'd leave the party and beg their parents that night to start the books at bedtime. I doubt any of them did, but if I sparked even the slightest curiosity in Twain's two boys, I will be happy.

To help with my goal, I hired a local actor to come dressed as Mark Twain and give the kids an overview of his famous stories. He had them act out a few scenes and place paper characters on a drawing of Huck's raft.

I think they enjoyed the storytime.

They actually sat through it.

We also had crafts. Wooden alligators and fish for them to paint.

I'll be honest. I didn't think the boys would be into it. They were. I was shocked. But what do I know.

And the grand finale...


The adults ran. I'm not even kidding.

The idea was to have animals Tom & Huck would've co-mingled with near the river. And the kids loved them.

Oh. And there was a rope swing.

No one broke an arm. Or a leg. Victory!

Lastly, I wanted a way to incorporate pictures of the boys through their first year into the party. I was stumped. Didn't want to use frames. Would've needed too many. My girlfriend, Kim, came up with the idea of hanging them from cane poles. Brilliant!

My sister and my girlfriend, Christine, labored hard on the two they made. Can't thank them enough. Loved them!

I need to thank some folks for helping me. It's taken a village to get the boys to their first birthday. Alive and breathing. And it took a village to pull this party off.

I'd like to first thank The Academy.

Oh wait. Wrong speech.

Ok, I'd like to first thank my husband. He didn't ask questions. He diverted his eyes when he passed the dining room, which by the end was packed to the gills with party things. He pretended not to hear me talking to my mother about the details. And the purchases. He didn't mind. He loves our boys, too. And me. And so he just helped set the party up and he had a good time. God bless him.

And my mother. God bless her, too. I think I pushed her to the limits of her craftiness. She rocked it though!

And my sister and girlfriends, who did help with the execution of the party, but more importantly listened, for weeks, as I went on and on and on about the party. Bless their hearts. They're true friends.

But I know they're glad it's over.

And my mother-in-law, who washed more dishes than any mother-in-law should agree to do.

I loved this party. I love Kate Landers for all her help. Wouldn't have happened without her.

Hey Kate! What are we doing next year??

Yes, these are still Inga's images.


Cari @ Socially Circled said...

PHENOMENAL party!!!!

Marissa said...

Love it Brandi! Bravo.....on the party and on making it through the first year ; )

Jordan said...

I just love the idea of giving out Huck Finn as party favors! I highlighted your lovely event on my blog!

christi @ grey umbrella said...

WOW! what an amazing party. you put so much love and attention into every single detail. beautifully done!