Friday, August 20, 2010

Tom & Huck - Part II {Food} My favorite subject.

Now the great question was, what did Tom & Huck eat?

With the party starting at 10am, Kate & I felt we needed food that fell in the always elusive category of brunch. Fish was obvious. They boys lived on and near the great river. Fried chicken was obvious. Because...I said so. :-)

Cheese grits go so well with fried fish. And fried chicken. And everything else frankly. And we eat them in the morning. Or the afternoon. Ok, I'll stop.

And potatoes. With cheese. If loving cheese is wrong, I don't want to be right.

And I assumed like all good country boys, Tom & Huck ate eggs. But since scrambled eggs don't keep so well, I decided on a quiche. Which was also a good vehicle for the breakfast meats - bacon and ham.

Then there were biscuits. With butter. Lots of it. I found huckleberry jam and honey from some nice people in Montana. I also served strawberry preserves, my personal favorite, and Tupelo honey. Get it? Tupelo. Mississippi. The river. Ok, moving on...

Lastly, since I was filling their children with fried and cheesy foods, not to mention a dessert table with enough sugar to last a lifetime, I felt I owed it to my friends to offer something healthy. Fruit kabobs. I'm thoughtful that way {grin}.

For beverages, I went simple. Lemonade. Milk. Chocolate milk. Sweet tea. Oh, and lemonade with vodka and beer. No, not the for the children. For the adults who were braving the sweltering heat of mid-July in the Deep South. They showed up. They deserved a cocktail.

I love mason jars.

That's all.

For the adults...

For the kids...who aren't quite big enough for a big jar, but who are definitely too big for a sippie cup.

And for the babies...I found a lovely lady on Etsy who made these burlap sippies. Just for me.

And I ordered paper straws. Seemed appropriate, no?

Because the books were the inspiration, I decided to name the food and drink items after characters. Here's the list:

Aunt Polly's Sunday Fried Chicken
Big Jim's Catch o' the Day
Becky's Prim & Proper Cheese Grits
Judge Thatcher's Fancy Potatoes
The Dauphin & The Duke's Faux Recette de Quiche de la Famille
Widow Douglas's Homemade Buttermilk Biscuits
Little Sid's Fruit on a Stick
Sweet Cuzin Mary's Lemonade
Pap's Moonshine Lemonade

And I found the log place card holders here. Yes, Etsy again. I adore it.


Again, all image credit goes to Inga Finch Photography.


Katie said...

So cute! I love every bit of this party! How did you punch the holes in the lids of the mason jars for the straws?

karamichelle84 said...

What did you stick the fruit kabobs in to make them stick up?

karamichelle84 said...

So cute!!! How did you make the fruit kabobs stand up?!

Brandi Brown said...

Thanks! I used floral foam and covered it in moss.