Thursday, August 5, 2010

Home alone...sort of

I'm a bachelorette with baggage this week. And because I'm not responsible for making dinner for the hubs, I didn't grocery shop. So I forgot to feed myself. Oops.

Last night I scrounged together a grilled ham and cheese sandwich.

And wine. Of course. We always have that.

Today, buying something for dinner was at the top of my To Do list. You notice I said buy something for dinner. Not grocery shop. I'm not cooking this week.

Except for the little vultures. Them I will cook for. In the oppressive, and I mean oppressive, heat. Moms do that. We're selfless.

No, today I was on my game. I knew exactly what I wanted and I REMEMBERED IT! This, folks, is huge since I left the house in my yard shoes and sans makeup.

That happened because when the babysitter arrives, I flee. FLEE. As if I will forever be stuck in my house if I don't meet her at the door. So I run. Sometimes literally. But I had my trusty To Do list! And it reminded me to go directly to Tomatoland. Will be adding "Put on real shoes" and "Put on makeup" to the list. Showering is #1 already. Although I confess I sometimes skip that one.

Now those of you unfortunate enough not to live where I do and have a Tomatoland, you should know it's a little slice of heaven on earth. They make chicken and dumplins as good as my Granny's. It's ok! She knows. I asked Jesus to tell her. Who could be a better (and more safe) messenger than Him?!

Sadly, they didn't have chicken and dumplins today. But they did have chicken tettrazini. And peach cobbler.

I might "forget" to grocery shop again soon.

Like tomorrow.

Don't judge. You'd have licked the plate, too.

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